“The Philosophy of Hae-Dong: Korean Raku Ceramic Workshop”

Canada International Arts and Music Society is pleased to present Korean pottery master, Dong Youb Yang for an afternoon of exploring Raku, the ancient method of pottery making.

Paired with the philosophy of Hae-Dong (translated to ‘ocean-crest’), Dong Youb Yang’s practice showcases a pottery method that speaks deeply to art, ceramics, and tea connoisseurs around the globe.

raku 1

Dong Youb Yang discovered the art of Raku during his studies in Canada in 1984 and has been researching and practicing ever since. As a result, he has developed his own particular style, somewhat different from mainstream Raku in Japan or the West. Coupled with roots in Korean technique, he suggests calling his practice Hea-Dong pottery.

Join us on Sunday, February 24th from 2-4 PM at the Wesbrook Community Centre to explore Dong Youb Yang’s philosophy in Hae-Dong while workshoping his application of the intricate process of Raku.


General Admission $15

Members/Students $8

Click here to purchase tickets


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